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CONGRATULATIONS!  Everyone who completed tryouts scored high enough to make squad :)

First practice August 2 - look for an email for more info! 


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603 703 803
604 704 804
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607 707 807
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Branden Chopelas

Cheer Commissioner



Requirements for Cheerleaders:


  1. Cheerleading is a COMMITMENT.  Any absences from practice and games must be

approved by the coach.  Excused absences are explained below.

  1. Each cheerleader must be willing to follow the rules and guidelines set forth and obey the direction of the coaches and captain/co-captains during practices and games.


  1. Each cheerleader must be willing to rent and maintain her uniform.
  2. Uniforms are to be worn only by rostered athletes when cheering or acting as a representative of the school unless pre-approved by the coaches and Booster Club.
  3. Uniforms will be worn on Fridays before game day.  Warmup pants must accompany the uniform when worn at the school during normal school hours.
  4. NO JEWELRY is allowed on Game day or practices. 
  5. Each cheerleader should keep her appearance neat and clean.  Hair should be pulled up at all times during games and practices due to stunting and safety.
  6. Cheerleaders will not wear excessive make-up.  Cheerleaders may not have body graffiti written on them (gel pen markers, ink, etc.) while in uniform.
  7. Cheerleaders will need to have short fingernails during the cheering season for safety reasons.  Only clear nail polish with white tips may be used while in uniform.
  8. Clothes worn for cheer practice:  Shorts must be fingertip length.  Shirts may be sleeveless but must meet school dress code requirement of 3 adult finger width straps.  Compression shorts are not allowed by themselves.  They can be worn under other shorts, and are encouraged to be worn under shorts if you are a flyer.
  9. The correct and complete uniform must be worn to school and ballgames!  No exceptions! 


  1. Weekly practices will take place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4pm-6pm after school when the school year begins (unless you are notified by the coach).
  2. Each cheerleader must be on time for practice and attend the entire practice unless approved by the coaches.  If practice is missed, it is your responsibility to learn any new cheers, etc. before the next practice or game.
  3. Excused absence from practice or games constitutes illness, family death, extenuating circumstances or a school affiliated event.
  4. Any medical or dental appointments, other than illness or emergency, should be scheduled at times other than the scheduled practice or games.
  5. Parents are not allowed to stay for Open Gym or after school practices!
  6. Coaches may call additional required practices as deemed necessary after August 1st.


  1. Cheerleaders should arrive READY to cheer 45 minutes prior to game time.
  2. Transportation to and from games is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.
  3. Cheerleaders will maintain dignity at all time and remember that they are representing PRMS and the Athletic Booster Club.
  4. Cheerleaders will not display undesirable emotions, such as crying, anger, loudness, rage, etc. at any time while in uniform.
  5. Cheerleaders will not shout at game officials at any time.
  6. All cheerleaders must display good sportsmanship at all times.
  7. Cheerleaders will cheer during various types of weather.  You will cheer if the football players are on the field playing.  (Additional clothing to be worn with uniforms during cold or rainy weather will be discussed by the coaches.)
  8. Cheerleaders are not allowed to leave their positions or squad to converse with spectators, friends, etc. during game times.
  9. There will be no eating or drinking refreshments during game time.  Water bottles are required.  Coaches will instruct on proper break times.
  10. Excused absence from a game constitutes illness, death in the family, extenuating circumstances, or a school affiliated event.  Coaches should be notified as soon as possible regarding any absence.
  11. A parent should provide a physician note for any long term illness or any other situation requiring the cheerleader to miss or sit out of more than one game or practice.


  1. Cheerleaders should never leave the football stadium area without a parent or coach.
  2. Coaches need to be notified by a parent or guardian prior to games and practices of someone other than the parent or guardian is picking up the cheerleader.
  3. Coaches have final discretion on all stunts.  Stunting is very serious and will only be performed by the cheerleaders that demonstrate they understand the seriousness of the activity.  There is some risk of injury with stunting.  Stunting will only be allowed under the supervision of a coach.  Any cheerleader stunting without supervision will be subject to demerits and possible suspension from a game.

General Behavior:

  1. Each cheerleader is representing Porter Ridge Athletic Booster Club and PRMS at all times.
  2. Any cheerleader who smokes, drinks, or uses illegal drugs at any time will be IMMEDIATELY removed from the squad.
  3. Any cheerleader who uses Social Media to share pictures,videos, tweets or links to posts that include extreme profanity or any type of pornography will be IMMEDIATELY removed from the squad.
  4. Cheerleader will not use profanity or obscene language during practice, games or at any time while representing Porter Ridge Athletic Booster Club.
  5. No public display of affection at any time while in uniform.
  6. Must show respect to coaches, Captains and all other squad members.
  7. Must follow game behavior guidelines as referenced above.
  8. Coaches have the authority to use demerits to assure that all cheerleaders abide by the rules and guidelines set forth.  Captains and Co-Captains are not allowed to issue demerits.




                        Undesirable Behavior                                                             1

                               Including but not limited to:

                                    Use of a cell phone during practice without coach’s consent

                                    Not bringing water to practice

                                    Violation of uniform and or practice dress rules

                        Failure to Abide by safety guidelines                                     2-5

                        Out of uniform at school                                                         1

                        Out of uniform at game                                                          2

                        Unexcused absence from game                                              4

                        Unexcused absence from practice or camp                            2

                        Tardiness and/or leaving early from practice or game           1

                                    Includes not being ready at 4:00 – water, dressed out, ready to practice

Behavior not indicative of a school role model – determined by Coach/Commissioner at the time of the infraction

Inappropriate Social Media – Coaches and/or Commissioner will issue demerits depending on the severity of the infraction.  It may result it sitting out a game or dismissal from squad.


           Cheerleaders receiving 5 demerits will be suspended for one game.  Anyone receiving 10

demerits will be dismissed from the squad.  Any cheerleader suspended from cheering at

a game must wear their uniform and sit with the coaches


FORMS Required for Tryouts:

Physical Form

Electronic Forms available on Family ID

Forms are found HERE








PRMS Pirates Football Cheerleading is a pay-for-play program sponsored by the Porter Ridge Athletic Booster Club. PRMS football cheerleading is not supported financially by the Union County Public School System. PRMS football cheerleading is governed by the External Sports Model, which was adopted by the PRABC.


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