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Setting up a New Account
Step One:     First, you must select one email address to use as your account tie.  This system tracks account and ties families together by email address.  Your first page will ask for an email address and will then email you a password that will be linked to that address.  This is the email and password that you will want to consistently use for registrations so that your fees will be accurately recorded.

Step Two:    In establishing a membership,  fill out parent information pages first.  As you complete the first page, select "Clone as adult" and the next form will be partially pre-filled. You may make changes as needed such as parent name.  Upon completion of this form, select "clone as a child".  Below the child's name, switch the type option to Player.  Go ahead and set up accounts for all of your children continuing to fill out information and press "clone as child" for each subsequent entry.  On the player page it is extremely important for team communication that you list the primary email for the family account and then using a semi-colon the other accounts that you will want to receive information.  Team emails use this player page to draw information and communicate!!!

It is important to put the birthday and grade.
When you have completed all family information pages, press submit.
Step One:  Select Register Online:    Then, choose among the sports that are listed.

Step Two:  Once you have selected the sport the screen with email prompt and password will appear.  Please remember to continue to use ONE PRIMARY EMAIL so that all of your membership fees will track to this sport as well.

Step Three:  Your family grid will appear.  Select the register button next to the eligible child and then fill in required sports fields.  Yes, these fields may be duplicates of paper information that your coach will require you to turn in. We are working to streamline as much as possible.  Please fill it out anyway (Good news, the system will retain this information and the next time you register your child it will be pre-filled).

Step Four: Now comes payment options again.  Remember the registration is not complete until payment is received.

If you have any further questions, please contact Chad Barr  at